I’m The Greatest [BLCKB-004]

Lily Gale and Igor Vertus - I'm The Greatest

Blackly Beyond Records proudly presents another classic by techno artists Lily Gale and Igor Vertus. This new techno release contains the heavy hitter: “I’m The Greatest”. With its heavy percussion and pounding industrial kicks it will literally bust your face.

Blackly Beyond Records proudly announces the single “I’m The Greatest” by DJ’s and producers Lily Gale and Igor Vertus, which will be available worldwide from the 21th of January 2022 on major music streaming sites like Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, YouTube and Bandcamp. This new release on Blackly Beyond Records will be geared towards the heavy techno subgenres.

This track will have lots of heavy hitting percussion and kicks to keep the energy going. The multiple mini breaks with punchy rap samples will maximize that. This track is a real floor filler.

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