Igor Vertus (Igor Bicanic) is a long time industrial veteran. At the age of 12 he started sampling loops from the radio and mixed it with LP records to create his own sound. Three years later he discovered FastTracker2 where he started making hardcore and gabber banging around 200 – 240 BPM. He loved the speed, the energy and the distorted kicks and screaming Juno synthesizers. FastTracker2 was a tracker based music creation tool, where effects had to be programmed using hexadecimal code. It was an excellent teacher to really understand the technicalities around sound and sequencing.

With all the inspiration in the epic oldschool and early hardcore 1992-2002 era and 60+ tracks later he knew he had to upgrade to get a more professional sound. He bought a drumcomputer (a Korg Electribe with tube amps), a sampler (Akai S2000), an analog modeling synthesizer (Yamaha AN1x), a 12 channel mixer with all kinds of effects and a JBL monitoring soundsystem. For even better sound he got his hands on a professional M-Audio soundcard and a studio amp. He learned all the midi and sequencing tricks he needed in Cubase. Still there were many limitations for the sound he wanted. The complexity needed way more gear and hardware-only wasn’t the answer.

As computers and software were getting more powerful, VST’s were getting more mature and the idea to go fully digital was on the menu again. Igor Vertus really liked the studio feel of turning knobs and playing live till you get the right sound and the Cubase GUI did not resonate that feeling. Igor came into contact with Propellerhead Reason, which tried to emulate a studio where you could connect virtual hardware with audio and control voltage wires. Reason Studio became his go to DAW with Presonus Studio One coming in second.

He got his first recognition after winning a producer contest on a well known social website for party minded people, Partyflock, where he won a record deal for a known Dutch Amsterdam-based hardcore label, Mokum Records.

Around 2006 he got drawn in the trending hard techno scene, where he released two more techno / industrial tracks. The energy from techno combined with the raw sound of industrial music was a perfect fit. 

Meanwhile he worked more and more in the background and focused on his professional career and information technology ventures. Now, ready again for what the scene has to offer, Igor Vertus will be dropping bombs on different labels this year, including Star Vision Records, Miami-based Power of Love Productions and his own fresh label, Blackly Beyond Records. His story will be told in techno, hardtechno, industrial and dark psychedelic acid. Get ready!